Pain Matters

Welcome to the brand new podcast from Professor Lorimer Moseley AO.  Every single episode is filled with the research,  ideas and strategies you need to make a positive impact on the lives of people dealing with pain.

Whether you're a healthcare professional, a patient, or simply someone interested in pain science, this podcast offers something for everyone. 

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Lorimer Moseley Live Courses 2024


UK | YORK : 14 & 15 June 2024


Coming soon...

Spain | Valencia - Date TBC 2024

Austria | Vienna - Date TBC 2024


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Lorimer Moseley Pain MasterSession Live


We want these live events to be nothing less than life changing for you as clinicians, and for the people you help through your work. 

Lorimer Moseley Live

Lorimer is working to an an exciting and intriguing new theme 

"Change is inevitable, but how we change is not" 

We want this event to be nothing less than life changing for you as clinicians, and for the people you help through your work. 

We are going to support your learning, deep, effective, applicable learning, like you've never experienced before!

14 & 15 June 2024

Mastersessions 2024

Two days of outcome-focused learning. 

This MasterSessions will bring discoveries in pain science to life in a clinically applicable way. Contemporary learning principles and techniques will guide you through how we think, what we think, how we can optimise the impact of educational strategies and how we can use the same techniques to enhance our discovery, capacity and well-being as clinicians.

After this session you will:

  • Massively increase your knowledge of pain biology
  • Improve your ability to integrate this into your assessment and management of anyone in pain
  • Gain an insight into the future of pain research, science and care
  • Learn from one of the brightest minds in pain science in the world today

Become the best

Learn new approaches to enhance practice


Meet likeminded people from across Europe

Be prepared 

Get access to a selection of MasterSessions 2022 recordings.









Meet your instructor

Professor Lorimer Moseley AO is a clinical scientist investigating pain in humans. 

Lorimer is a Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Foundation Chair in Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia. He has over 30 years of clinical experience working with people in persistent pain, has authored hundreds of articles, multiple books and chapters and continues to present keynote lectures globally.

Join us in York, UK

After the successful course in Amsterdam in 2023 Lorimer Moseley will be back in the UK  for the first time since 2018.

We are incredibly excited to take a few days out of the clinic, meet up with friends and get together in person.

Capacity is limited, we urge you to book early.

Save the date:

14 & 15 June 2024

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